400,000 Vehicles Within 3 Years - JETOUR Speed

8.18 is the day for product launch of JETOUR’s first product X70; 3 years are JETOUR’s speed; 400,000 is JETOUR’s strength…the above figures mark JETOUR’s rapid development.

JETOUR officially announced on August 18, 2021 that JETOUR’s sales volume broken through 400,000 vehicles within 3 years, creating a new speed for the development of Chinese new SUV brand. “JETOUR Speed” once again maxed out the automotive circle.

Over the past three years, the automotive industry has been full of thorns. Although JETOUR was born during the “winter” of Chinese automobile market, with global economic downturn and pandemic impact, JETOUR went up against market and set records repeatedly, due to original intention of “TRAVEL+” strategy and innovative products. In 2018, JETOUR had achieved sales of 40,007 units within 4 months, creating the “JETOUR Speed” of the automotive industry; in 2019, JETOUR’s annual sales volume reached 138,032 units, maintaining a rapid growth; by the end of December 2020, JETOUR had achieved sales of 300,000+ units within 28 months, creating a new speed for the development of China’s new SUV brand; 3 years later, JETOUR has gained 400,000 users, telling a vivid legend about the rise of Chinese brand.

JETOUR’s two product series of X70 and X90 have entered the forefront of the mainstream market, with a cumulative sales of 71,891 and 20,307 units from January to July respectively. The cumulative salesof JETOUR’s full range of vehicles from January to July reached 92,198 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 100%. 3 “doublings” are JETOUR’s confidence resource in dealing with post-pandemic market.

JETOUR’s leading sales stems from its profound brand strength. More than 20 years of technological accumulation and market experience have made JETOUR powerful and extraordinary.

Over the three years, JETOUR has built 1800+ networks, achieving 92% city coverage rate in China. Its network scale has ranked top among the self-owned brands. Powerful sales network has provided a strong guarantee for its sales volume.

Moreover, centered by the customers with the marketing concept of “the best understanding of customer needs, the closet marketing to customers and the most pleasant customer experience”, JETOUR focuses on creating “TRAVEL+” value brand favored by the users from the three dimensions of “people, vehicle and scene”.

Based on the design concept of “Chinese classical architecture” and the world’s three major design centers (Wuhu, Turin and Toronto), JETOUR leads the new trend of “Chinese Fashion Brand” . The platform of Kunlun and the first model JETOUR X-1 released in early July, equip Chinese TOP10 engine, which will add more imaginary spaces in the future.

Within the three years from 2018 to 2021, JETOUR not only has achieved its brand upgrade, but also has become a representative of Chinese new SUV brand with strong comprehensive strength. In the future, JETOUR will continue focus on “TRAVEL+” segment with the brand concept of “define travel with action”, which will create a better journey for more users.