About Jetour

Jetour is part of a globalized automobile group based in China with over 23 years of formidable experience in automotive engineering.

Jetour is the latest product of their two-decade commitment to build a brand that will stand out in the automotive industry focusing on creating the best Chinese SUV brands.

Jetour is a new brand launched in Beijing on 2018. With the original intention to be more intelligence, high appearance, big space, multi-functional and multi-seat, to create a new travel mode with intelligent, ecological and convenient.

Jetour Mission: Provide more reasonable travel solutions for more families

Jetour vision:Let Jetour be a widely known brand around the world

Brand interpretation

JET + TOUR, meaning convenient + travel, translate literally as “convenient travel”

With the new line of Jetour automobiles you can find a model for every occasion to suit your personality.