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Your vehicle filters are essential to withhold impurities and protections the vehicle occupants, the vehicle itself and the surrounding environment.

Passenger compartment filter: this component is responsible for the air quality you breathe inside the vehicle. It cleans the air entering into the vehicle through the heating and climate control system vents. The passenger compartment filter offers protection from pollen, fine particulate matter and other polluting elements.

Air cleaner: this component protects the engine from the dust present in the air to keep the combustion process clean. The advantages offered by an air cleaner in good conditions are: top engine output, better fuel efficiency, low emissions and optimal performance.

Oil filter: it continuously purifies the engine oil withholding impurities caused by the wear of moving engine parts, such as dust and combustion residues.


In addition to removing solid particles, passenger compartment filters combined with activated carbon can filter odours and gas, minimise health risks and improve the feeling of well-being in the car.

A good quality air cleaner must guarantee over 99% efficiency, meaning its capability of withholding contaminating particles.

The oil filter must be replaced at each oil change.


An efficient braking system is the fundamental requirement for active safety for your vehicle. The apparently simple action of pressing the brake pedal sets off a series of mechanisms aimed at reducing the speed of the vehicle or stopping it all together. The brake pedal, the pump, the lines, the pads, the disc, the callipers and the drums are the main components of the braking system. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, all these parts must be checked and serviced regularly together with the brake fluid. Taking care of the braking system means guaranteeing your safety, that of your passengers but also of pedestrians, too.


Combining the right balance of various elements, such as resin, rubber, talc, metal, carbon fibre, glass and ceramic, is fundamental to obtain the compound needed to make a brake pad. This is essential to guarantee effective braking at any operating temperature.

"Stopping distance" is the space travelled by a vehicle from when the driver perceives a danger until the vehicle comes to a complete stop: it is calculated by adding the reaction distance and the braking distance. An effective braking system is critical and can be the difference between driving safety or taking risks.


The possibility of the braking system failing suddenly is very unlikely, except for the chance of accidental breakage of the brake lines. Very often, however, you get accustomed to driving with worn brakes and adapt your driving style as a consequence.

The main symptoms of a braking system which requires immediate maintenance are:

  • Unusual noises.
  • Vibrations felt when the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Unjustified increase of the stopping distance.
  • Tendency of the car to pull rightwards or leftwards when braking.
  • Soft or unresponsive brake pedal.


Having efficient wipers is essential to travel safely giving you good visibility of the road. This is why the wipers must always be in perfect conditions so as to ensure optimal visibility in all weather conditions like rain and snow. The wiper blades must ensure at all wiping speeds, uniform wiping and cleaning all year round. This you can rely on with the wiper blades distributed by JETOUR


  • Over 80% of all roadside assistance operations are caused by problems to the ignition system.
  • Battery fluid is very corrosive. It is advisable to have the battery replaced at a workshop which is equipped to dispose of it properly respecting the environment.
  • A weak battery cannot provide enough energy to start a cold engine during the winter. The best preventive measure to avoid unpleasant problems is to have the battery and recharging system checked once a year to keep them both in perfect working order.


Shock absorbers are the heart of the vehicle's suspension system. The driving comfort, stability and vehicles safety depends on them. The task of the dampers is to mitigate the effect of road roughness, damping vibrations and keep the constant contact between the wheels and the road surface in every driving situation. A complete set of efficient and high-quality shock absorbers, such as those designed by JETOUR.


The wear of the shock absorbers is slow and progressive, but it inexorably effects on many components of the suspension system such as tyres, springs and other mechanical elements of the car. Normally we tend to compensate for the shock absorbers loss of effectiveness by changing and trying to adapt these to driving style, and most of the time without realizing the damage.

It is estimated that over 50% of the vehicles travels with worn or damaged shock absorbers.

If a vehicle traveling at 80 km /h with shock absorbers that are not in perfect condition, the braking distance can also increase to 2 or 3 meters compared to what would occur in normal conditions.