The National Motors Supplies Company Opens Its First Jetour Showroom in Jeddah Auto Mall and Unveils X70 Plus Car

April 4th, 2022, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: The National Motors Supplies Company inaugurated its first Jetour showroom at the Jeddah Auto Mall on March 31st where it unveiled the car brand’s flagship automobile, the X70 Plus. The recently appointed dealer also announced that special offers and discounts are available across its range of vehicles in celebration of Ramadan.

Mr. Hassan Al-Shamrani, Group Chief Executive Officer of United Motors Group, said: "We are committed to cement Jetour’s presence in the Kingdom, reflecting its global reputation as one of the world’s fastest growing car brands. Our experience and market studies have shown that Jetour vehicles are remarkably suitable for the Kingdom. The cars perform well and are aesthetically designed, in addition to being manufactured to a high-quality, meeting all the requirements of our diverse customer base.”

At 4720 millimeters (mm) in length and 1900 mm in width, the flagship Jetour Plus X70 provides more space than its competitors, offering a roomy interior and a spacious luggage compartment with a capacity of 1600/1595 mm.

The X70 Plus features 20-inch light-weight aluminum rims which are elegantly designed and add to the vehicle’s aesthetic and visual appeal.

Safety is the highest priority for the X70 Plus and the spacious vehicle is equipped with driver and passenger airbags, as well as a lane departure system, all around blind spot technology and adaptive cruise control with collision avoidance.

Featuring an aesthetic ultra-wide panoramic sunroof of 1.1 meters squared, the X70 Plus ensures excellent natural light, ventilation and visibility.

The National Motors Supplies Company signed an agreement to become Jetour’s new agent in Saudi Arabia starting from early 2022. As a subsidiary of United Motors Group, the National Motors Supplies Company was able to benefit from the automotive experience of its parent company, rapidly preparing the necessary infrastructure to begin receiving interested customers from the start of this year.

Demonstrating its commitment towards customer service excellence, the National Motors Supplies Company launched a dedicated showroom for Jetour at Jeddah Auto Mall. Boasting a retail floor which can display 20 cars at a time, the new showroom is also home to an after-sales team who can assist with spare parts and maintenance, providing customers with a one-stop-shop experience.

The newly appointed dealer for Jetour in Saudi Arabia intends to replicate its one-stop-shop model across the Kingdom, with plans to launch additional showrooms and after sales services in Riyadh during Ramadan, followed by Khobar city.