Jetour new Vehicle Makes Its Debut and Collects Vehicle Name Worldwide, JETOUR Opens a New “TRAVEL+” Co-innovation Platform

On July 8, the press conference for “NEW JETOUR NEW TRAVEL - Night of JETOUR Brand” was kicked off in Beijing grandly. The new vehicle at the press conference attracted much attention.

New vehicle with dynamic styling technology

New vehicle model code JETOUR X adopts a younger interactive design, with smooth and plump lines. Its overall styling has sense of sport and technology. Its main design elements are enough to touch current post-90s and generation-Z young users.

It is reported that this new vehicle is JETOUR’s first vehicle model based on the latest “KUNLUN”platform, which will be equipped with Huawei’s high-end L3 Driver Assist System; moreover, the latest research and development results of Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 and Healthy Cockpit 4.0 will enable the users with cutting-edge intelligent driving experience.

JETOUR’s new vehicle model is different in dimensions from existing JETOUR’s vehicle models, aiming at A-class SUV line-up. At the technical level, new model equipped with strong fuel-powered platform and “Kunpeng” powertrain platform. Moreover, JETOUR has been adhering to the concept of user co-innovation since the beginning of research and development of the new vehicle. Every design, every configuration and every scenario come from the users’ feedback and validation. What’s more, Jetour consider users’ travel scenarios, experience and emotion into consideration.

At the event site, Bao Siyu, President of JETOUR announced global name-collecting event of this new vehicle, which will be JETOUR’s first vehicle model named by the users.

Scenario-based vehicle meets the user needs through co-innovation

Being aware of this trend, JETOUR actively embraces new users and consumer ecology. JETOUR efficiently and accurately has completed the two-way layout in the fuel and new energy fields within three years. JETOUR X70 and X90 vehicle families have entered the mainstream SUV market in China. Subsequent SUV vehicle family including JETOUR X, crossover vehicle family, hard-core pickup and MPV, and full-range synchronous hybrid and living space series of vehicle models are under planning. The addition of new members will undoubtedly improve JETOUR’s product matrix to meet the higher user needs for all-scenario travel.

Moreover, there were 4 refitted vehicle models based on different user scenarios at the event site. Whether single workplace elites or sweet lovers, fishing enthusiasts or families, JETOUR will achieve full coverage of vehicle use scenarios, which can bring users more personalized and diversified choices to implement the “TRAVEL +” strategy from multiple dimensions. Moreover, more than 10% of nearly 400,000 JETOUR users have participated in product development. JETOUR is the Chinese SUV brand with the largest number of users participating in product improvement.

JETOUR, as a doer, has changed one-time vehicle purchase behavior in traditional automobile industry into a deep user experience covering the full life cycle of the user’s vehicle use. This is a demonstration of strength and a manifestation of sincerity.

With the upgrading of brand strategy, JETOUR’s product research and development will be upgraded from function-based development to scenario-based development and join hands with users to open a product co-innovation model, thereby converting “JETOUR’s Users” into “Users’ JETOUR” to create more user use and experience value.